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Exile Server Legacy Forum Posts

[Pinned] Exile Server Forums Now Hosted By AFD

From now on, all posts regarding the Exile Altis Militarized Server should be directed to AFD Community Forums at: Patch notes will now be posted on the AFD Website. Old forum posts will remain visible on ...
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Exile Server Legacy Forum Posts

[Pinned] Good News. Server not Shutting Down. Ownership Transferring.

I have decided that this will be the final month of my Exile Militarized Server.The Exile Militarized Server will be shutdown after July 19th.I addition to this shutdown, Omega Force will soon be switching from Teamspeak 3 to Discord as our primar...
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Exile Server Legacy Forum Posts

[Pinned] Exile Servers Allowed Client - Side Mods

The following is a list of all client-side mods that are compatible to be used on our Exile Servers. Be aware, most of these require Arma 3 CBA (Community Base Addons)If you have a client-side mod that you would like to request be allowed on our s...
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Exile Server Legacy Forum Posts

[Pinned] Exile Server Admin Restrictions

The following outlines the restrictions in place for administrators of O4CE Arma 3 Exile Servers.You can easily identify an admin by verifying that they have the [Admin] in their in-game name.Remember, as an admin, it is your job to be a friend of...
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Introduce yourself

[Pinned] New members post here and tell us about yourselves

You have chosen to join our community. We are thrilled to have you aboard. We would like for you to post anything you like here in this thread about yourselves so we all get to know you better.
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Star Citizen General Discussion

[Pinned] Basic Structure for Star Citizen Organization (Rough Outline)

Hello Omega Force!As most of you know, the eve of Omega Force's entry into the vast universe of Star Citizen is approaching. For me personally, Star Citizen is (in it's form promised to us by developers) my dream video game, and I look forward to ...
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Community Rules and Information

[Pinned] Omega Force Core Principles

Omega Force Core Principles1. We view all members, regardless of rank, race, status and longevity within our community to be the same.2. The Omega Force Community endeavours to create a welcoming environment in which members can communicate, organ...
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Community Rules and Information

[Pinned] Join the Steam Group!

Hello Omega Force!If you are not yet a member of the Omega Force Steam group page, I highly suggest that you join the group. This is for your benefit.The Steam Group is a very useful asset to this community for one very special reason: Redundancy....
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Star Citizen General Discussion

[Pinned] Star Citizen, and O4CE's Place In It

Hello Omega Force,I just wanted to do a little overview of the Upcoming Sci-Fi Simulator, Star Citizen. I am writing this to help inform you all about the basics of this game so we all can hopefully come up with an idea on how Omega Force is going...
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DayZ Server Legacy Posts

[Pinned] How to join any Omega Force Gaming DayZ Mod Server

This will be a simple direct and guide to install and play any mod for DayZ. If you follow this guide, and you have errors, please screenshot them and post them below i will assist you. No matter what you think, do it.... First Download DayZ Launc...
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DayZ Server Legacy Posts

[Pinned] DayZ Custom bases

Have you ever wanted to have a custom base on DayZ without having to build or edit anything? Then you have come to the right place! If you are interested on getting a fully cutomized base for you and your friends, feel free to send me Diabyx a PM ...
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DayZ Server Legacy Posts

[Pinned] Moderator Code of Conduct

The following agreement applies to Moderators Only. If you are not a moderator in the DayZ server, dont post here!---DayZ Moderator Code of ConductTo begin, I must reiterate that you signed up to be an moderator in order to help others and to prot...
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DayZ Server Legacy Posts

[Pinned] Server Rules For DayZ Overpoch

1) No Kamikaze - This means any crashing of airborne vehicles into any land based vehicle or structure. a. First offence = 24 hour kick b. Second offence = Ban with chance of appeal.2) No Lock picking or code...
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DayZ Server Legacy Posts

[Pinned] Notes of caution and helpful tips for DayZ

Here's a list of things not to do in DayZ-Never drop your backpack on the ground-Never put loaded backpack into a vehicle/safe. At reset, the backpack will be cleared-Switching seats in a helicopter can bug and cause you to eject-If you go base r...
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Planetside 2 General Discussion

[Pinned] [Free Codes] Planetside 2 Decal Codes

WORKING AS OF DEC 7, 2013(Rule of Thumb: REDEEM ON MAIN CHARACTER)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Name/TITLE : CODE +ITEMS RECIEV...
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Planetside 2 General Discussion

[Pinned] Squad/Platoon Leadership Outline

Squad /Platoon Leader1. Confidence A. Do not let anyone second guess you 1. While your in command, you are god a. Always take good advice, but never be bullied into decision you know isn't good 2. Your decisions a. Must ...
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Star Citizen General Discussion

Star Citizen Gamescon 2017 Presentation

Really cool Star Citizen stuff shown off at the 2017 Gamescon, all of which will be playable in the upcoming 3.0 release of SC.Another big step forward toward the big picture.
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Chill Channel

Farewell Announcement

Hey all, I'll cut right to the chase. I'm leaving Omega Force Gaming.Yeah, I know, I'll miss you guys too. I've been with you guys for quite a while, about as long as we've had this site. I remember when we were called just 0-Force, the dangers of...
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Exile Server Legacy Forum Posts

Server Has Moved!

The militarized server is now hosted by AFD Gaming Community.The new IP address is : AFD Website is will still be around and playing on the server, and will assist ManOWar in maintaining it.For the...
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Exile Server Legacy Forum Posts

Mi-6A Hook (VIV) Spawns slightly in trader and explodes on purchase

Title. I've tested twice, both gibbed. Proposal to fix would simply be to move the spawn point for purchased helicopters a bit further away.
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