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Omega Force Core Principles

1. We view all members, regardless of rank, race, status and longevity within our community to be the same.

2. The Omega Force Community endeavours to create a welcoming environment in which members can communicate, organise, and lead effectively, in any game or social sphere.

3. To enable our leaders to make Omega Force the best possible community it can be, without threat of interference.

4. All members are accountable to each other, and to those who lead the community.

5. Decisions that affect the community are made in the most transparent way possible to ensure public accountability and support.

6. To learn from our pasts, have prosperous futures and enjoyable futures both within and without our community.

In addition to the Core Principles stated above, all users must obey the Terms set forth in Shivtr's Terms of Use.
Owner of Omega Force Gaming

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