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[Pinned] How to join any Omega Force Gaming DayZ Mod Server

This will be a simple direct and guide to install and play any mod for DayZ. If you follow this guide, and you have errors, please screenshot them and post them below i will assist you. No matter what you think, do it.... First Download DayZ Launc...
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The Dude01543Small The Dude 4y
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[Pinned] DayZ Custom bases

Have you ever wanted to have a custom base on DayZ without having to build or edit anything? Then you have come to the right place! If you are interested on getting a fully cutomized base for you and your friends, feel free to send me Diabyx a PM ...
Small Diabyx 4y
Diabyx01435Small Diabyx 4y
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[Pinned] Moderator Code of Conduct

The following agreement applies to Moderators Only. If you are not a moderator in the DayZ server, dont post here!---DayZ Moderator Code of ConductTo begin, I must reiterate that you signed up to be an moderator in order to help others and to prot...
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Johnjohns84753Small EWI 4y
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[Pinned] Server Rules For DayZ Overpoch

1) No Kamikaze - This means any crashing of airborne vehicles into any land based vehicle or structure. a. First offence = 24 hour kick b. Second offence = Ban with chance of appeal.2) No Lock picking or code...
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The Dude01531Small The Dude 4y
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[Pinned] Notes of caution and helpful tips for DayZ

Here's a list of things not to do in DayZ-Never drop your backpack on the ground-Never put loaded backpack into a vehicle/safe. At reset, the backpack will be cleared-Switching seats in a helicopter can bug and cause you to eject-If you go base r...
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Valued returns to DayZ mod and flys.. well
Small The Dude 3y
The Dude21941Small Johnjohns 3y
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Log-in error.

I keep receiving a error everytime I try to log into the server. The error reads No entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgVehicles/SurvivorW2_DZ.scope'. Does anyone know how to fix this? Please contact me via Teamspeak, any help is welcomed.
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GhostSkull9443129Small The Dude 3y
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Locked key inside SUV

I'll make this relatively brief.When I was moving stuff in and out of my Camo SUV, I accidentally moved the keys inside the SUV. I locked the car without realizing, and the server didn't update where the keys where until I already locked it.Me and...
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MrFrostByt342320Small The Dude 3y
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zombie free bases?
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Arcana21629Member avatar small Jatrell 3y
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possible addons
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Arcana21719Small The Dude 4y
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server restart

did the server restart because my base inst here anymore?
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sniper01108Member avatar small sniper 4y
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This seems a bit dead...
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Somewhat regarding Dayz... Whats the best recording software to use?

Hey guys, I want to buy some recording software that wont break the bank. I also don't want it to kill my fps. If there is any free let me know!
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EWI31936Small BountyHunter 4y
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Overwatch Skins // Overwatch Loot?

Hello :) I was just curious if there were any actual OW loot that spawns on this server? It seems that the only overwatch loot you can obtain is through traders. Is there any way we could implement overwatch loot into the game?Also stalker skins? ...
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jiffyjake105017Small The Dude 4y
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Hi! I'm curious about the DayZ Overpoch Chern server!

I was just curious if there are still active admins // or the server is active in general if my friends and I decided to play on it. We played on the old server back in the day and my buds and I absolutely loved it. Probably our most favorite serv...
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jiffyjake42082Small The Dude 4y
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Servers offline

I'm sure you already know (because TS3 is down too), but all the DayZ servers are offline. I can't even ping the IP.Thanks!
Member avatar small Ritual 4y
Ritual83577Member avatar small Micky777 4y
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Possible new features

Was bored at work today (shhh) and was browsing's server mod corner like I used to do and saw some nice new updates that I though would be nice here....First, updated WAI Missioning system? Lots of neat new features and missions. http...
Member avatar small Ritual 4y
Ritual21459Small The Dude 4y
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Internet issues with our host.

Hi Team,UPDATE : Ticket has been opened with our Host. Master Ticket #: #685751Approximate Date/Time issue began(in EST): 11/26/2014 9:26:15 PM ESTIssue Description: Intermittent internet connectionUsers Affected: All UsersApplication(s) Affected:...
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The Dude32163Small Miguera 4y
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Im a legend

[Classic moments] read the title
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steve_000104435Small Johnjohns 4y
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Can't login to server

Hey, I was on yesterday with no problems, but this morning when I try to login (I havent changed anything since yesterday when it was working) it keeps giving me the error: "You are running an incorrect version of DAYZ_CODE, please download this f...
Member avatar small Ritual 4y
Ritual31983Small The Dude 4y