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Planetside 2 General Discussion

[Pinned] [Free Codes] Planetside 2 Decal Codes

WORKING AS OF DEC 7, 2013(Rule of Thumb: REDEEM ON MAIN CHARACTER)------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Name/TITLE : CODE +ITEMS RECIEV...
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Planetside 2 General Discussion

[Pinned] Squad/Platoon Leadership Outline

Squad /Platoon Leader1. Confidence A. Do not let anyone second guess you 1. While your in command, you are god a. Always take good advice, but never be bullied into decision you know isn't good 2. Your decisions a. Must ...
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Planetside 2 General Discussion

The Enclave

So, I discovered some good news and some bad news today in PlanetSide 2.The good news - The Enclave has returned to the game, and is already 500 members strong. More organized gameplay is always a plus.The bad news - The Enclave is still under the...
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Planetside 2 General Discussion

Weekly PlanetSide 2 Operations

Hello all, as I promised in my announcement as new Director of PlanetSide 2, I will be dedicating some time each Friday night, unless otherwise noted to being online in PlanetSide 2.Operations will consist of having fun and stomping on the Vanu an...
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Planetside 2 General Discussion

New PlanetSide 2 Director

Hello all, here once again with some PlanetSide 2 news. A while back I posted that our involvement in PlanetSide 2 was at an all-time low, to the point where I questioned if we wanted to drop Omega Force support officially, but a few very dedicate...
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Planetside 2 General Discussion

January 22nd Patch

I've been playing a bunch of Planetside 2 again lately (just auraxiumed the Jaguar carbine the other day) and today a new patch went up, mostly dealing with shotguns. They're aiming to make them a little more aim-focused, rather than spray-and-pra...
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Planetside 2 General Discussion

What to do about PS2

So I logged on to PlanetSide 2 today, it was the first time in a while (probably 3 weeks to a month), and I found it about the same as when I last left it. Certainly enjoyable, but it's quite frankly been a single player adventure for me for a whi...
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Planetside 2 General Discussion


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Planetside 2 General Discussion

My planetside 2 skills...

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Planetside 2 General Discussion

If Planetside 2 ran on the doom engine

Potatoside 2
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Planetside 2 General Discussion

Why Sunderers haven't been exploding

Hello all, I said nearly 6 weeks ago that I was moving to college and would be offline for a bit ... and then 6 weeks passed. HOWEVER, I am proud to announce that Shayn shall slay Sunderers once again! I had been having some difficulty with a stab...
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Planetside 2 General Discussion

All Suggestions for the new Slogan.

{This is posted in the council hall. Only council members can see this}Hey Council members, here are all the slogans that have been suggested so far:-------------------"Everlong chasing victory.""Progredere ne regredere (Always Forward, Never Back...
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Planetside 2 General Discussion

Emerald is best server

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Planetside 2 General Discussion

Friday Night Ops

I know this isn't the correct forum but we need some help. Looking for everyone to attend!! You got a week to get the game, so no excuses. I'm only asking for one hour guys. Lets bring glory back to Omega Force!!! Come support your community. We d...
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Planetside 2 General Discussion

One Year Anniversary Ops Itinerary

Hey guys,Here's the current plan for Friday night!7:00-7:10 Story Time7:10-8:30 Regular Ops8:30-8:45 Cross Country Amerish Race (Competing for one 1500 Station Cash Card).8:45-9:30 More Ops9:30 - 9:45 Galaxy Pirate Ship Battle (Teams of 2 competin...
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Planetside 2 General Discussion

Fake Demotions

This has been something that several members have been doing for a very long time.Commanders on occasion have been known to demote people, only to re-promote them. This has always been done as a joke, and I really haven't given a crap about it.How...
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Planetside 2 General Discussion

Stalker Squad Lead

Stalker has been issued the squad leader award for competently leading a squad.Good Work
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Planetside 2 General Discussion

Indar Alert 12/12/13

Stalker481 and ReapingBullets have earned the Indar Alert Ribbon!Thats it go away...
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Planetside 2 General Discussion

Status of Outfit

Hey guys, I just wanted to say we lost a few people today due to "outfit inactivity" or their two months have expired. I know I haven't been around a lot lately and neither has the some of the other leaders/NCO's. But here is the thing, it is n...
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Planetside 2 General Discussion

Jonnyrock NCO

On behalf of my executive officer, Migueramirezv, and myself, I hereby promote Jonnyrock as our newest NCO.Throughout his time in the outfit, Jonnyrock has done nothing but display all the attributes that make a good leader. He is a wise tactician...
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