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Computers and Technology

New Graphics Card

Heya guys, I just got back to college yesterday and discovered that my desktop no longer can find my graphics card. Not a problem with the wire, so I believe my graphics card is the problem. Since it's been a while since I've upgraded, I'm taking ...
Small Shayn 3y
Shayn94860Small jonnyrock 2y
Computers and Technology

DX12 and computer builds...

With DX12 coming into play does this level the playing field between amd and intel?DX12 is geared to fully utilize multi cpu and gpu processors.On the CPU side does that mean a 4.7 AMD 8 core processor will perform better than a 4.0 intel quadcore...
Member avatar small Echo4foxtrot 3y
Echo4foxtrot42856Member avatar small akep 3y
Computers and Technology

Computer Monitor vs TV (4k)

Ok guys, I've been looking at several different monitors and TVs and from what I can tell there really isn't much difference. I'll admit, I'm not really an expert on the monitor side of computers but I do know quite a lot about them. But I may b...
Member avatar small Echo4foxtrot 3y
Echo4foxtrot54919Small xploz1on 3y
Computers and Technology

The Omega Pixel Accelerator

So my new PC arrived today, and I am deciding to call it the Omega Pixel Accelerator.Beside's it's coolest feature being the Omega Force logo laser engraved into the right-side panel, here are the specs.The case is the Thermaltake Core v71 full to...
Small Johnjohns 3y
Johnjohns85462Small Miguera 3y
Computers and Technology

New Gaming Rigs for Star Citizen

Hail, Omega ForceI'm in the process of planning a new Gaming PC for Star Citizen. Through I would start a thread to find out what you all got or planning to get. I'm just nosy like that...I'll start us off. Asus Nvidia GeForce GTX 970 Strix Graphi...
Small UberCheese aka Geivov 3y
UberCheese aka Geivov1611220Small Tristain 3y
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