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[Pinned] Exile Server Forums Now Hosted By AFD

From now on, all posts regarding the Exile Altis Militarized Server should be directed to AFD Community Forums at: Patch notes will now be posted on the AFD Website. Old forum posts will remain visible on ...
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[Pinned] Good News. Server not Shutting Down. Ownership Transferring.

I have decided that this will be the final month of my Exile Militarized Server.The Exile Militarized Server will be shutdown after July 19th.I addition to this shutdown, Omega Force will soon be switching from Teamspeak 3 to Discord as our primar...
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[Pinned] Exile Servers Allowed Client - Side Mods

The following is a list of all client-side mods that are compatible to be used on our Exile Servers. Be aware, most of these require Arma 3 CBA (Community Base Addons)If you have a client-side mod that you would like to request be allowed on our s...
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[Pinned] Exile Server Admin Restrictions

The following outlines the restrictions in place for administrators of O4CE Arma 3 Exile Servers.You can easily identify an admin by verifying that they have the [Admin] in their in-game name.Remember, as an admin, it is your job to be a friend of...
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Server Has Moved!

The militarized server is now hosted by AFD Gaming Community.The new IP address is : AFD Website is will still be around and playing on the server, and will assist ManOWar in maintaining it.For the...
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Mi-6A Hook (VIV) Spawns slightly in trader and explodes on purchase

Title. I've tested twice, both gibbed. Proposal to fix would simply be to move the spawn point for purchased helicopters a bit further away.
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Exile Server Mini-Update 7/5/2017

Changelog:-Added a "Withdraw All Money" action to vehicles and containers.-Improved some backend stuff in preparation for server move to reduce headache for ManOWar.
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Missile Lock Changes

Like most of you, since last update I have had problems with the missile lock system. Arma has added a whole new radar and sensor system, and there is nothing JJ or anyone can do to change it.The new system is more realistic so a lot of the missil...
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mission rerwards, base building glitch

1, while doing most missions only one person out a group of three receiving mission points/money2, while using snap too mode while building, walls/floors go green as they should but when you try to place they jump to a different area resulting in ...
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Exile Server Mini-Update 6/13/2017

Changelog:-Removed the altitude limiter on the vehicle rearm system to allow vehicles that are on elevated platforms to rearm.-Increased the maximum rearm distance from the ammo source from 20m to 30m.
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Exile Server Update 6/12/2017

Changelog:-Added a new pair of base improvements that will allow players to respawn at their base.-The NATO Outpost player requirement to spawn has been reduced from 10 to 5.-The bleedout timer has been increased to 4 minutes.
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Exile Server Update

Changelog:-Added Enigma Revive to the server. Use defibrilators to revive players.-Fixed some broken ammo pricing for the cobras.
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Exile Server Update 6/6/2017

Changelog:-Added Vector Building.-Added base/vehicle painting.bout damn time amiright
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Exile Server Update 6/5/2017

Changelog:-Increased the monetary reward on all the missions to give players more incentive to complete them.-Further improved the reliability of the Bandit Radio mission.-Increased the min/max number of poptabs that can spawn on bandit NPCs.-Head...
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Exile Server Update 6/4/2016

Changelog:-Removed some Exile Construction Items from the loot tables that are not currently used. (Car Wheels, Wrenches, Etc).-Added some new, better items that can spawn on Bandit NPCs.-Mobile phones can now spawn in industrial areas. Existing l...
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Exile Server Fix 5/30/2017

Chnagelog:-Fixed mission tasks not being re-created on player respawn.-Fixed several player killed notifications that were not functioning properly.-Killing players via a vehicle gun should now give respect and proper credit.
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[RESOLVED] No respect for killing playes in tank

2 player kills in a row hasent given me respect or credit for killing while in commander seat in a slammer up, gives system messege playername was killed by npc
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Range finding fix

Since last update range finding has been changed , to now find the range you need to hit \ above enter to set range , problem is on foot its also set to salute so youll lower youre weapon and look down when fix in game hit esc , go to ...
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[RESOLVED - MOSTLY] rearming bug

so every now and then when trying to rearm from driver seat , it will take my poptabs but not rearm the vehicle , so far its happend in a kamysh (macnova also stated this in geneal discussion) and a ah-99 blackfoot a few times, not sure if this wo...
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Exile Server Updated!!!

I have just updated our Militarized Exile Server to Arma 3 Version 1.70, and Exile Mod Version 1.0.3.Update your Exile Mod Files and Arma 3!If you encounter any issues, please report them on the bug report forum section.
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