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Farewell Announcement

Hey all, I'll cut right to the chase. I'm leaving Omega Force Gaming.Yeah, I know, I'll miss you guys too. I've been with you guys for quite a while, about as long as we've had this site. I remember when we were called just 0-Force, the dangers of...
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Shayn3905Small Shayn 245d
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Youtube Red - Is it worth?

I'll be using Youtube Red for the next month to see if it's worth the monthly $10 subscription.I'll update this post occasionally for the next month and we can decide! Feel free to share your opinions.=========Day 1: No ads is nice but nothing tha...
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Ganging up in Overwatch

Yo, Jonnyrock posted about playing Overwatch together, so I figured I'd put this up in a thread.My Battlenet ID is FriendlyFeur (#1898). Post a reply with your own Battlenet ID for friend requests if you play Overwatch!
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Who wants to join me!?

Hello, people! I am bored and playing Battlefield 4 lately! Who wants to join me!? I am very decent player!Made a platoon for people to join! :D My Battlelog: http://battlelog...
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Whitelist Application Guide

When applying to be whit-listed for either Police or EMS on our Altis life server, your application should be set up as follows:----1: Your real life first name.2: Your Arma 3/Steam UID.3: Your in-game name. (Must be used always when playing eithe...
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Free to who finds it

Hey guys well I sadly will be gone for a long time from exile on tanoa so I am giving away every thing to include my base so if you can find it all the codes are 6323.
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Infideljames0670Member avatar small Infideljames 1y
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Omega Force Overwatch Clan Setup

Our clan for the soon-to-be released MOBA-style Arena FPS Overwatch has been set up.If you plan on getting Overwatch and want to be a part of our clan, join up yo!Link Here: can also get there by navig...
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Expanding Omega Force: Suggestions for new games

Survey:Omega Force is a growing community built for everyone. Omega Force is a community dedicated to gaming in general and not just a few select games. In order to grow and remain a viable we need to match the new games that people want to play. ...
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O4CE Counter Strike Squad, Anyone?

WHATS UP O4CE. Let's get straight to the point, Anyone in the gang wanting to make a CS:GO squad? We can help each other improve our own skills and other's skills in one of the most challanging games of recent times. If anyone is interested, hit m...
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The Omega Force DayZ Chronicles

The following collection of stories are something of a hobby I started nearly 2 years ago in our Arma 2 DayZ server. The work is fictional, the people were real, the writing is amateur. It was pointed out to me the forum that these chapters were l...
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New Arena Shooters

Is anyone here planning on getting either the new DOOM and/or Overwatch?I'm feeling the need to get myself into a new arena shooter, but I don't think I want to if I don't have anyone to play with. 😄
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New Website Theme Applied

I think it looks much better.
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My New Home!

My first video on your servers! Let me know what you all think:)! you enjoy please like and subscribe
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[No Longer Active] Omega Force ARK: Survival Evolved Server is Online!

Our very first ARK server is up and running everyone.Here are the details:Host Name: O4CE The Island PVP - (v227.1)IP Address: 7777Have fun everyone!
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We are gathered here today, four days in advance actually, to celebrate the life of the foundation, the base and the port in which all of our Omega Force juices flow, Johnjohns. Now, you might ask why I'm making such a thing out of the dude who's ...
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Here is what i see

Using IE .. dont fuck with me, i wont use chrome. If that's the issue let me know. Thanks!
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Project reality

I know a lot of you are fans of PlanetSide 2 and Arma 3 domination and I've got something that combines teamplay, realistic action, and massive battles. Project Reality is/was a battlefield 2 mod that strips away the old BF2 stuff and adds expansi...
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ARK: Survival Evolved

Frankkie worked really hard to get this right!
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Does anyone do FBLA currently?
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My Two Year Anniversary

I have been a member of O-Force / Omega Force gaming, for over two years, as of last week. I just wanted to say thanks to every one, especially Shayn and Diabyx (with them I wouldn't be here). I have been busy with my finals these past few weeks b...
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