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*salute shoots to honor GamersRoost*

I am sad and also kinda confused, I think. :l I know the GamersRoost Server for such a long time and had a very fun time on their.
I really never thought about how it would be seeing a server like GamersRoost shutting down, even though I wasn't active on their server for months I remember everyday I were back then.

I do not have much to say actually, but I respect The Dudes final decision and hope that if he ever reads this messag he should know that we all love the amazing work he did.

Also, any of the players that switching over from the GamersRoost server are happily welcomed on the O4CE Servers!

As for myself, I will try my best caring about the ones that switched over and want to free their minds and feelings after they experienced their maybe favorite server now turning into happy and also sad memories.

Rest in Peace, GamersRoost. We, the players, will never forget the awesome time and we honor all the ones that worked on the server with our deepest respect!
The Dude
You remember that time the Dude came back and we won the burbon bowl!?
The Dude
The reason GamersRoost was closed was because of me. I catered to the "easy mode" gamers. This meant fast gear and lots of tabs really easy.
John's has always been and will always be a dear friend. Jason is like family to me.
There was MANY rumors about Jason and I or Liam and I having a fall out. Well that's just absurd.

I have never ever been an easy mode gamer. I prefer it hard (That's what she said) so you have to earn it. Value and fun come hand in hand. This mod was ruined by self-entitled gamers and admin/owners like me. It's not fun for people to play a game where players can douche-hole you from 3K meters up or away. Then people say "give stingers and titans to counter that!?". Well if its easy to get, then it has no value. I have sat for hours watching players recycle jets/tanks, all the while people complain non-stop that the game has lost its fun, mainly because of these players.
After the fateful exile 9.8 update, which brought a server wipe with it, people all complained that the server was too hard for the amount of poptabs things cost.. I cannot express how many people sent emails and messages telling me "Make it like it was or we are leaving with my XX amount of players".
Josh (me) does not do well with threats, or self-entitlement. I put the servers up for everyone to enjoy. Outwardly, most people praised the performance of our servers and admins. With a few exceptions of course.

I spent far to many hours arguing with my friends like Jason or Liam about what's best for GR. It cost us 114.00 a month to bring that joy to so many. That is not a regret, that was intended.
I literally just got tired of chronic complainers, and douche players. My mom was dying (she passed last night actually) and I just lost the will to keep it going.
Exile fucked up, bad. Now that there is so many bugs, I don't have time to fix a broken mod. Maybe someday later I will put up another server. This time it will be my way, and I will call it something that relates "this is not easy mode gaming".

I will be playing on OmegaForce's servers, because of all the owners out there, I know what John's puts into his community.
I will not be an active all the time player. I will play to have fun and have my little tent in the woods, like good old times.
R.I.P Gamersroost and all its predecessors. Many good times have been had from both these communities something I'll never forget.
Wait. Did Josh shut it down again?
I didn't realize this was an old post lmfao. When I went to the site yesterday there was a message from josh saying he's focusing all his time on a new arma exile map and was asking to see if someone wanted to learn how to make a server. I haven't asked Josh about it. Non of the servers are active at all or the forums in over a week. But they seem to still be online. I think gamersroost is done but I'm not entirely sure yet.
The Dude
The Dude
I have no drive man.

I love the game, but running the 25 mod servers is not something I have time for, and the players suffer. Not fair.
Ill never be "gone" but always forgotten.
Game on!
Yeah I feel you. Between having to put up with players who are never satisfied with what they have, the problems arma has with its system, and dealing with life. I don't know how you did it lol. We'll have to game sometime when your up for it. Arma or something else like player unkowns etc
Heck yeah. You guys feel free to hit me up anytime you wanna play something. Would be awesome to just sit down and game together again. Been years since we have.
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