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I'm in... Onward with REBORN! I've brought several friends in the last couple days get the server online and "they will come".
Yep, i have been playing on the reborn server over the week end. Seems like an interesting mod and promising in the future.
I'm down for the Reborn server. From what I experienced it's a nice refresh to exile.
even though you dislike our kind of group we accept your apology and would like to see reborn again
I don't dislike you or your group. What do you mean?
JJ never mind "Conner the killer" he's our bushwookie and everyone hates him except of course us ;)
Lmao Connor, Fucknugget !!
VERY disappointed to hear you are giving up on the exile servers. They were very well done with some great ideas. That being said don't ALL datacenters take their own backups at some point during their maintenance? Surely an old restore > total loss when it comes to the coding/scripting
I had 2 dedicated servers in Chicago Trixie and everything was up to me to manage. I could FTP to a drive here for a back up but they did not provide backup's as a service unless of course I wanted to pay more. Most of the "back-up" software backs up to another directory on the same machine or if you have multiple machines you could have them backing up to each other but then your always increasing HD space and that can be a premium to have someone remotely do that for you as well.
Hindsight is always 20-20.
You interested in giving Exile Reborn a try? It is different and challenging but fun!
Oh my god, this is very very sad to hear. :( I really never expected to see this happen. :( This is unbelievable. :( I am just lost for words! :(

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