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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Mar 20, 2017)
Nice to see the severs getting populated again.
(Mar 17, 2017)
Because the Arma games are build so shitty, they have to recode the whole damn thing every time they make a simple patch
(Mar 16, 2017)
(Mar 16, 2017)
why do Arma updates have to be so large?
(Mar 16, 2017)
servers require client update
(Mar 08, 2017)
Exile Altis Server Froze up
(Mar 04, 2017)
JJ can you hop on ts?
(Mar 03, 2017)
(Feb 21, 2017)
Np, man. Funny video.
(Feb 21, 2017)
Cheers, JJ! Thanks for the YT sub! :D
(Feb 16, 2017)
Someone play Overwatch with me
(Feb 14, 2017)
you too Sugar Plum!!
(Feb 12, 2017)
Looking forward to it man. Feels good to play again.
(Feb 12, 2017)
Shayn just bought a good computer waiting on it to be delivered, you best believe I'll hoop back on
(Feb 10, 2017)
JJ, can you check the health of the militarized server? seems like it's down atm.
(Feb 08, 2017)
Lol same. Should hop back on PS2 if you got the time too!
(Feb 08, 2017)
I might not hop in team speak, but i'm always on the website everyday....Always watching
(Feb 07, 2017)
Hi Bredro!
(Feb 07, 2017)
Sup brady